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How to Register for Classes

How to create a new student profile

In order to register for classes you must create your own student profile. You only need to create your student profile once; after it is created you can sign in using your username and password and register for classes. A profile also allows you to view your transactions, current or past registrations, transcripts, and register for classes each semester.

1.  Click on "Login/Create Account" on the topmenu bar to the left.

2.  From Login page, click Create New Profile.

 3.  You will use your email address as your username on this site. If you do not have an email address, please contact Virginia Peninsula Community College at 757-825-2937 for assistance.  
  4.  Enter your Password/re-enter your Password (minimum of 8 characters required).

5.  Enter all required information (*denotes required information) – name, address, city, state, zip, phone, email, date of birth, etc.)

6.  When you have completed your student profile, click Submit.

7.  You will receive a confirmation email.

8.  After submitting your profile, you will be returned to the courses page to begin your registration.

NOTE: Secure your username and password in a safe location for access at a future date.


How to register for classes

Step 1: Sign in

1.  Do you have a Profile? Click the “Sign In” button on the top left menu bar and follow the prompts.  If not, please refer to How to create a new student profile?     

2.  After you sign in you will notice additional menu options that will allow you to edit your profile, check your current registrations and view your transactions.

Step 2: Find the classes that interest you

1.  To browse all course categories and subcategories, click “Courses and then All Classes".

2.  From the Courses page, select the preferred Category/Subcategory or

3.  To find a specific class click “Search” or use the “search for classes…” box under the banner at the top of the page.  Enter information into one (or two) of the requested fields.

4.  Click on the class title (in bold) to see a full course description.  Click on the instructor’s name to see a short professional bio.  

Step 3: Begin the registration process, add classes to your “Shopping Cart” and “Checkout”

1.  To select a class for registration, click “Add to Cart.”

2.  If instead of a button, the word “Closed” appears, it means that online registration is unavailable because the class is full OR is unavailable due to special enrollment requirements.  A phone number in that space indicates that you should call that number for more information.

3.  When you have completed “shopping” for classes, click the “View Cart” button inside the Shopping Cart box at the top right side of the screen.

  • When a class or classes are added to the shopping cart; options become available:
    1. Choose Additional Classes
    2. Edit Cart
    3. Checkout
  • From the Shopping Cart page:
    1. Click the Refund Policy link
    2. Carefully review the Refund Policy
    3. Click the checkbox(s)
    4. Enter corresponding “codes” if applicable
    5. Click “Checkout”

  • Checkout continues with the Credit Card payment screen; enter pertinent data and click “Process Payment >>” to submit and finalize registration.
Congratulations, you are now signed up for the class!  You will receive a registration confirmation and a receipt, along with any additional information you will need for the class via email.  Once you have created your user profile once, you will use this same process to register for classes every semester.